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About Snyder & Lehnen

With over 16 employees (and growing), our sheet metal and HVAC products are designed with precision and the highest quality to ensure every customer is satisfied. We've serviced hundreds of clients in a variety of industries, including custom projects that no other manufacturer in central Indiana can do. 


Our History

Currently, Thomas A. Gray is the President, Chris Shaff Vice President, and Secretary Lorrie (Lehnen) Bulington are the new owners of Snyder and Lehnen Sheet Metal.

Before them, Louis C. Lehnen, Patricia (Vogel) Lehnen, and Tim Hornbeck carried on the business until July of 2021. 

Snyder and lehnen with the original Front Rank Furnace.jpg

In the beginning, Hans Snyder And Louis E. Lehnen were young and ambitious and purchased a tin shop in Lafayette, Indiana in 1918. They ran the business until 1957 when Robert F. Lehnen and Lucille Lehnen took ownership and kept it going from 1957 until 2003.

Questions? Reach out to us.

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